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In Defense of Time

Editorial by Christopher Small

Cinema of the Present

  • May December by Caitlin Quinlan
  • Afire by Christopher Small
  • Ann Hui: The Impossible Return by Boris Nelepo
  • Backflip by Nathan Letoré
  • The Word Lead to the Imagination: An Interview with Ignacio Agüero on Notes For A Film by Vanja Munjin

Dossier: Tanaka Kinuyo

  • Mizoguchi-Sensei by Tanaka Kinuyo
  • Two Impulses, One Body by Lukas Foerster
  • The Birth of a Woman Director – I Just Can’t Let Go of Movies by Tanaka Kinuyo
  • Roundtable on Programming Tanaka Kinuyo’s Films by Lili Hinstin, Kathryn MacKay, Irene González-López, Saito Ayako
  • Annotated Filmography (6 films) by Miriam Martín, Nathan Letoré, Isabelle Tavares, Xavier Montoriol, Maksim Selezniov
  • I Flunked, But... by Tanaka Kinuyo
  • An Unexpected Conjunction: An Interview with Laura Mulvey about Douglas Sirk and Tanaka Kinuyo by Sofie Cato Maas (republished at MUBI Notebook)


  • The Popular Language of a Permanent Historical Rebellion by Diego Cepeda
  • In Praise of the Struggle: The Colonial Question at Doclisboa by Giovanni Vimercati


  • Ida Lupino: Six Films at ‘The Filmakers, Inc.’ by Maksim Selezniov
  • The Mother and the Whore by Brandon Kaufman
  • Magnificent Obsessions: Dialogue with Miguel Marías and Bernard Eisenschitz by Diego Cepeda


  • Fallen Leaves by Aki Kaurismäki | Flavia Dima
  • Russia 1985–1999: TraumaZone by Adam Curtis | Review by Andrei Kartashov
  • Magic Mike's Last Dance by Steven Soderbergh | Review by Nikita Lavretski
  • Under the Sky Shelter by Diego Acosta | Review by Sofía Hansen

Filmmaker in Focus

  • Carlos Reichenbach by Filipe Furtado


  • Dialogue with Charles Burnett by Christopher Small and Diego Cepeda

Available from August 13, 2023 — Issue #2 — 140 pages, black and white